The White House is Urging Health Care Staff to Reuse PPE Amid Growing Shortages

The COVID pandemic has yet to settle down, as a result, the White House is urging health care workers to reuse their disposable PPE, such as, face masks, face shields, shoe covers and other personal protective equipment. 

Vice President Mike Pence said the U.S. government will issue guidance encouraging front-line health care workers to reuse personal protective equipment as the COVID-19 pandemic worsens in the country.

Pence, speaking at a White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing on July 8, said PPE supplies remain “very strong,” but the Trump administration will be encouraging health care workers “to use some of the best practices” to “preserve and reuse” adult face masks and other protective equipment.

According to the Fox Digital TV Team, "a national nursing union is alarmed that gear still has to be reused. A doctors’ association warned that physicians’ offices are closed because they cannot get masks and other supplies. And Democratic members of Congress are pushing the Trump administration to devise a national strategy to acquire and distribute gear in anticipation of the crisis worsening into the fall.

“We’re five months into this and there are still shortages of gowns, hair covers, shoe covers, masks, N95 masks,” said Deborah Burger, president of National Nurses United (NNU), who cited results from a survey of the union's members. "They’re being doled out, and we’re still being told to reuse them.”"

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"Reusing disposable PPE is irresponsible," says Dr. Nguyen. DMS is urging facilities to purchase protective equipment that can handle being reused. With products like Level 1 Isolation Gowns, Adult Face Masks, Bouffant Caps, Shoe Covers, Face Shields, Protective Eyeglasses ins stock - you can't go wrong! 


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