Domestic Medical Supply Coalition ‘Launching PPE Direct-To-Consumer Online Store’

LOS ANGELES – On April 1, 2020, the major news outlets in the United States in unison started raising the discussion of masking the entire population when venturing out in public. The New York Times, CNN, FOX News, and The Los Angeles Times citing opinions of experts in the transmission of COVID-19 are calling for immediate action.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is currently weighing guidelines which will advise everyone to wear a mask in public.

“When we started DMS Coalition, our singular mission was our front-line healthcare warriors, but we will nevertheless do whatever is necessary to put a mask on every single American”, said Crystal Solorzano, Founder, and Chairwoman of DMS Coalition. Further stating that our nation’s mantra must now be, “Secure the Future, Protect our Past, Wear your Mask!”

DMS Coalition will be implementing a new direct to consumer sales model – by removing wholesale and middlemen dealers, the DMS lines will be both accessible and incredibly affordable. Adult and Children sizes in various styles will immediately be available. Alex Berenson, CEO of DMS Coalition, shared: “Our overall goal and mission is to provide every person a face mask that will keep them safe in public. This direct-to-consumer strategy will allow us to focus on providing our valuable knowledge and personal protective clothing at the most competitive price on the market.”

With this in mind, DMS Coalition encourages everyone to follow all the precautions and safe practices while we face this crisis “Apart we are together and Together we are Apart”!


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