Domestic Medical Supply Coalition ‘Protecting Our Front-Line Healthcare Heroes’

LOS ANGELES - Domestic Medical Supply Coalition announces its formation and founding leadership team. DMS Coalition is on a mission to fill a critical and strategic void for the larger healthcare community. DMS Coalition’s primary objective is to create a dedicated network of factory coalition partners who will manufacture reusable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) so urgently needed by the domestic healthcare workforce operating on the front lines.

DMS Coalition has appointed Alex Berenson as its CEO. Alex has over 30 years of leadership experience in the garment manufacturing and distribution arena.  “There is a critical and immediate need to manufacture and supply PPE and other Medical supplies for our healthcare heroes which is geographically strategic to epicenters of the emergency,” said Alex, further adding “California & New York will be the immediate focus of DMS Coalition.”

Sean Rybar has joined DMS Coalition as Chief Operating Officer. Sean has over two decades of experience as VP for the largest privately held medical supply company in the world.  “What we are doing, simply put, is saving lives,” said Sean, “the need is critical, and the demand is immediate.”

“We are creating a partnership that brings together healthcare professionals, resources, and communities so that we NEVER AGAIN allow global shortages to impede our first responders in the event of catastrophic disasters,” said Crystal Solorzano, Founder, and Chairperson of DMS Coalition. “The heart and soul of our nation; our dedicated healthcare heroes on the front lines have historically and routinely been left out of the decision-making process in relation to major initiatives and outsourcing most of PPE manufacturing to China and elsewhere.”

DMS Coalition has galvanized the garment industry in Los Angeles and repurposed its closed production lines and has started the immediate production and shipment of Personal Protective Equipment. The items being manufactured right now are Face Masks, Isolation Gowns, and Protective Gowns which are all washable and reusable.  Additionally, local breweries currently closed, are being repurposed to manufacture Hand Sanitizers for immediate distribution.


Please visit for more information about the Coalition.