What are the isolation gowns primarily used for?
Anyone in the healthcare industry, or professions that have workers in close contact with other. These gowns help protect the wearer from pathogens transferring from one person to the other, by protecting our bodies from their fluids. The medical industry standard was a disposable isolation gown, but we produce reusable isolation gowns as well.

Are these Medical Grade?
No they are not Medical Grade. The CDC and Department of Health & Human Services came out with an announcement that if you do not have access to the Medical Grade, highest quality gowns, that you should use whatever is appropriate.  We have provided a cost-effective solution to help everyone.

Are they Fluid Resistant?
The fabrics used are resistant, and we offered assorted fabrics for our gowns. Some options include 36/1 cotton, Nylon taffeta, Jersey, and vary depending on availability.

How many times can these gowns be washed? 
The fabric for the gowns is washed and shrink-tested prior to production. The gowns can be washed at least several times, at mid to high temps, and are in current use in the Healthcare Industry today.

Are these currently in the US? 
YES 100%. We manufacture these in some of the biggest Apparel Factories in the Country and we are proud that we offer options that are MADE IN THE USA.