What is DMS?

Domestic Medical Supply Coalition was created to fill a critical and strategic void for the larger healthcare community. DMSC primary objective is to create a dedicated network of Factory Coalition partners who will manufacture Personal Protective Equipment so desperately needed by the domestic healthcare workforce working the front lines. We are creating a partnership that brings together healthcare professionals, resources and communities so that we NEVER AGAIN allow global shortages to impede our first responders in the event of catastrophic disasters.

Why DMS?

The unprecedented emergency affecting the national supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) continues to dominate every news cycle. And although Domestic Medical Supply Coalition literally formed overnight, DMS Coalition is excited to announce that the west coast factory coalition is formed and growing every day. The positive reception to DMS Coalition’s initiative has been humbling and overwhelming.

How are we empowering local communities?

Domesitc Medical Supply was created by and for the community. The American spirit is very much evident in that DMS Coalition is putting thousands of hard-working people from the domestic workforce back to work producing essential and critical lifesaving gear.